About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide immediate and ongoing peer support to families of children with cancer. Our programs are designed to provide families with everyday essentials to ease the burden of hospitalization, facilitate research and communication with family and friends, brighten a sick child’s room, and generally support the family through the difficult days following a cancer diagnosis.

Our Story

When a child is diagnosed with cancer the news is devastating. Everything changes in an instant. Immediate hospitalization is often required, far from home, family and friends with no time to pack or plan. Sudden immersion into hospital life and learning a whole new vocabulary while keeping up with blood counts, protocols, the merits of clinical trials, necessary scans, impending surgeries and side effects of radiation and chemotherapy drugs is overwhelming.

Circle of Care was started by three moms who met during their children’s own battle with pediatric cancer. We looked to each other for support, information and a sense of belonging. We shared our stories and tips for how to cope. Through all the laughter and tears during the years of treatment our children endured, we knew we had to give back. We wanted to share what we learned and help those just beginning this journey. Having been there we knew just where to start. We began with Bags of Love, our day of diagnosis care package, and have since expanded to offer six programs that have a direct impact on children and families undergoing treatment throughout Connecticut. In July of 2003, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation was formed under the sponsorship of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Foundation for Children, Inc. and Circle of Care was born.

Ten years later, we’re still innovative, entrepreneurial, volunteer-driven and determined to stand with children and families during treatment at a time when many non-profits are stepping away. But we are so much more than just three moms trying to make an impact. In fact, we’ve touched thousands of lives, built an impressive board and developed an unrivaled program. To date, we have reached 1,640 families, delivering 1,500 Bags Of Love, transforming 75 rooms through Art from the Heart program and provided over $512,000 in direct financial support – more money than any other organization in Connecticut. We are proud to have provided $1 million in funds and services to families, and when you consider that $1 invested in Circle of Care returns $5.66, the return on investment is indeed substantial. 

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How We Achieve Our Goals

Our In-Hospital and Support Network Programs are designed to meet the immediate needs of newly diagnosed families. Click here to see how we help.

Circle of Care continues to grow through the commitment of our volunteers, the support of private and corporate donors and the guidance of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board of pediatricians, child psychologists, and pediatric oncologists.

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